Visual Basic.NET Mandelbrot Fractal Program (Part 2)
Setting up the program in Visual Studio

[This is part of Constructing the OpenIcon Logo Icon using Visual Basic.Net for the Mandelbrot Set and Fireworks ]

This is a continuation. The program code was given and explained in Visual Basic Mandlebrot Set Program.

I am assuming you have Visual installed, which runs in Visual Studio. The program can be easily adapted to other brands of BASIC, but the steps here would be different. Here are the steps for setting up the program:

Create the program. Choose File, then New Object, then Windows Application. Name it what you will.

Rename Form1 to MandelbrotForm1 (or name it what you like, it doesn't matter). You will want to make it bigger too, exact size does not matter.

Create a display area for your bitmap by choosing PictureBox in the Toolbox, then click and drag within the form. The default name is fine.

Create the GoButton by picking Button from the toolbox, then place it in the form wherever you like.

Create TextBox1 by picking TextBox from the toolbox and placing in the form.

Double click on MandelbrotForm1 and you will see the code for the subroutine. No code goes inside; its purpose is to display the form.

Double click on GoButton and paste in the code I provided earlier.

Thats it. You can experiment with colors and x, y values as mentioned in Visual Basic Mandlebrot Set Program. You can add other controls from the toolbox to interact with the variables if you want a more general purpose program.

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