Positions held by William P. Meyers

This list is to allow users of my reports, analyst conference summaries, and other services to evaluate the independence of my opinions. It is not meant as a set of recommendations. I buy stocks that I believe are undervalued, but that may be with a near-term or long-term perspective. I may hold stocks that are fairly valued or even overvalued because I do not want to pay the capital gains yet. I may hold stocks to diversify and lower aggregate risk.

My clients pay me to research stocks and bonds, with a focus on the forward-looking values of company technologies. I cannot list my client's positions, but my role is to provide an accurate, rather than a bullish, analysis of stocks. Therefore my clients' positions are immaterial to the research, analysis, and opinions I post at this web site.

I also continue to do work for technology companies. Companies covered at this site or their business partners may occasionally be my clients. This site's ads are currently served up by Google.

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Also, while I try to keep this list updated, sometimes there is a lag. Bought dates are of initial purchase; I often accumulate over time and sometimes do partial sales. If there is no link, I have not posted any articles or analyst conference summaries.

 Ticker Symbol  Company
AGEN Agenus [Bought October 2013]
ALXN Alexion [Bought February 3, 2015]
AMAT Applied Materials [Bought March, 2008]
AMD Advanced Micro Devices [bought 2004]
AMGN Amgen [bought March 2014]
BIIB Biogen-Idec [Bought February 6, 2008]
CELG Celgene [Bought June 2007]
CMN Cantel Medical [Bought December 2009]
GILD Gilead [Bought October 2007]
HNSN Hansen Medical [Bought July 2009]
HILL Dot Hill [bought December 2007]
INO Inovio [bought May 2012]
MCHP Microchip [bought 2007]
MRVL Marvell Technology Group [bought 2008]
MYL Mylan, Inc. [bought March 2014]
OPXA Opexa Therapeutics [bought May 2014]
PLX Protalix Biotherapeutics [bought November, 2013]
REGN Regeneron Pharmaceuticals [bought June 2014]
SGEN Seattle Genetics [bought February 11, 2015]
XLNX Xilinx [bought April 24, 2014]