Reaching Your Personal Fianancial Tipping Points by William P. Meyers

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Reaching Your Personal Financial Tipping Points

by William P. Meyers


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Reaching Your Personal Financial Tipping Points is a practical plan for increasing your wealth and independence. By concentrating on reaching each of the four tipping points you can continuously position yourself for even greater success. You don't need a high-paying job, you don't need to be a stock-picking genius to follow this plan. It is simple to understand. It requires some will to follow it, but it is within every working person's reach.

William P. Meyers, the author, comes from a humble family background. Both his parents worked into their 70's before feeling able to retire. The author has no advanced degrees, but he is building his wealth by following the same advice he is sharing with you in this online book. Working from a rural home, he cobbles together an income from freelance work he can do over the Internet. His clients have included tech giants like Cisco and Microsoft, as well as an asset management company. All you need to reach your financial tipping points is any regular job or an income from a small business.

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